Nails and legs

Hey, just on the job hunt again… however I don’t really hunt properly, I just sort of sit in the middle of the jungle and scribble silly drawings into the sand… better get moving soon though before a Tiger eats me…  That was word vomit and I don’t mind how chunky it as anymore. Cheers!


flash play

Gotta run

My system is running perfectly, which is something all of you probably didn’t need to know… but it is and it’s now running late for work. Have a great day internet!running system

Dark Hands

This was a second set of hands that I made for a logo recently, I like the bare bones look of this. I also like pink, so this is a perfect visual sandwich for me.


Artwork for your face eyes

I liked how this turned out… I was given a brief that made me think a little more about composition and this opened my eyes a little in regards to how I position characters and objects… Usually it’s all about the character for me. This experiment helped me expand my imagination and all these random shapes and objects just flowed out and it worked very nicely. It was an exercise in stream of consciousness illustration really… but I liked how it halted my right brain and just spilled out like this and avoided any sense of concept. I’d like to get a few more of these done up for prints I think.  Joe.